Two huge earthquakes hit near Anchorage, causing major infrastructure damage


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Send them a couple of rolls of paper towels and they’ll be fine


I just can’t even…


Ring of Fire!
Who’s next? Check your BoB ( Bug out Bag )


Just keep that yellow musk coiffed orange pile away from us and we’ll be fine.

Seriously, I’m really tired, and we have some damage to the house, but it looks like we’re ok for the most part.

Goddamned library is a fucking mess, though. And the home office. Fuck. But we’re ok.

At least the SGIs and the servers are fine. An Indigo 2 took a tumble from atop a filing cabinet onto concrete and it’s actually fine. Damn, Apple and SGI make some good kit.


Fake news. There’s no such place as “Alaska.” I can tell by the pixels.

(Seriously, hoping no injuries turn up.)


You guys have been raking your fault-lines, right?


Did Putin see it from his backyard?



Marked Safe today!


We don’t rake those. We grease 'em.


Ahh, you see, there is your mistake! Bondo those bad boys.


dont you worry; at the moment His Majesty is at least 4,000 mi away from you…


It’s Japan that’s fake.


Glad you’re okay.


Crap, I thought we were just supposed to sweep the tundra.


A conspiracy of cartographers?


Exactly! Now you’re being deprogrammed! :wink:


Your floor probably took the worse end of that exchange. (Those 1990s era Sun and SGI boxes can take a real licking - they are like the Nokia of workstations for tossability.)


Quake-day! Schools here are closed through Tuesday!


FINALLY a Stoppard reference!