Earth's largest volcano, Mauna Loa on Hawaii's Big Island, awakens from slumber


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The good news: more Hawaii.


Right now, five volcanoes in the Aleutian Islands are on alert. John Power of the Alaska Volcano Observatory says it’s the most activity they’ve seen at once in their 26-year history.

If I had my druthers on which two states we had to lose, those wouldn’t be my choices. Heck, they’re only middle-aged, as states go.

That must really mess up Palin’s view of Russia.

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Actually, this could result in even more real estate. After mixing in the vinegar and baking soda, just wait a few minutes for your new island to cool and enjoy!

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I was thinking of Isla Fernandina when I wrote that, so I do know what you’re saying, but from an inhabited POV…the new real estate might not be so liveable.

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