"Self-control" can be switched off with electromagnetic brain stimulation


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"Self-control" can be switched off with electromagnetic brain stimulation
Still, I'll stick with chocolate.


So basically high tech Tequila.


Came to say beer.



Any effect known to switch it on? That would be useful


There are several methods, from keeping a picture of the earlier fat you to stop you from overeating to keeping a picture of my mug shot to stop me from streaking.

I know, for one, that the latter doesn’t work, but in my defense, that football game isn’t going to interrupt itself.


Self control is for poor people. Trump 2016!


This sounds like the slimby system!

I found a copy of the picture involved… it is VERY scary so don’t click unless you have a strong constitution or need to lose a lot of weight.


Self control?
#What’s that?



[quote=“pesco, post:1, topic:87839”]
less likely to share the money and were more likely to take the money up front rather than delay gratification and wait for a larger prize. They were also less able
[/quote]I think this is one of those cases where the reporting is rather meaningless without some kind of quantification attached to “more likely” and “less likely”. Not to mention the sample size.

Rather a big jump from unquantified results to “‘Self-control’ can be switched off”, methinks.


Can I combine a couple of electromagnetic beams with a head-tracking system to target people, say, sitting around a blackjack table? Asking for a casino-owner friend.


Did they already move on to Phase II and distribute these to test subjects in the form of a red ball cap?


If you start playing with a magnetic field of that size and strength, you’ll find yourself controlling every ferromagnetic object in the room(and high speed, toward you) well before you notice the effect on humans.


Electromagnetic Brain Stimulation, the new strain of indica I’m working on.


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