Brain-zapping implants that change mood and lift depression


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It’s crazy how often I’ve found this Look Around You screen grab relevant to real life.


Wait. DARPA? Ummm… I’m not sure if this is a good thing in the long run, especially if it becomes “weaponized” or used to pacify the masses, but I guess once my brain is being tasped it won’t really matter anymore.

Thank you future!


I use coffee, it’s cheaper and easier to find.


I think I’ve seen this movie:


My first thought…


My thoughts exactly!


The writing partner of Dave Chappelle, Neal Brennen, has a comedy special on Netflix right now called Three Mics where he talks about treating his depression with magnetic stimulation.

Was funny and also seriously personal at times. Recommended.


Recipe for disaster universal happiness:

  • Implant electrostimulators in brain
  • Connect electrostimulators to internet using best-practices security
  • Watch as nature takes its course:


An amusing footnote to the Milgram experiment: researchers later repeated the experiment, except the volunteers were given pleasure for right answers, instead of pain for wrong. Participants chickened out much more quickly, calling the experiment “obscene.”


Might have less long term side effects (hello kidneys, hello liver) than chemicals?


I remember hearing a story about a tailor that had something similar. I don’t think it worked out well…


I guess it falls to me to make mumble of “wireheads”? The oft-repeated theme and admonition of becoming addicted and/or evilly controlled by brain (‘wire’) implants? Even that impressive wikipedia compendium didn’t include the connection to direct brain control found in the Tripod series, where humans were implanted with “caps” to control their savage and creative behaviors. Certainly there’re enough literary cautionary tales to suggest some caution with this particular technology.


This will not go well.


Sign me the fuck up.

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