Neural Dust: tiny wireless implants act as "electroceuticals" for your brain


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IoT for the brain. What could possibly go wrong?


Are those silver lines with perpendicular structure…nerves?


That is actually cool and one of those wow we really are living in the future things.


UC Berkeley researchers are developing “Neural Dust,” tiny wireless sensors for implanting in the brain, muscles, and intestines that could someday be used to control you

Cue up Stephenson reference


So fucking cool and so fucking scary all at once.


Reminds me of the things that Tony plugged into his arms in Iron Man 3.

And, for a more dystopian vision of the same thing, of The Matrix.

  1. Sorry I can’t think today, the neural implant server’s down…

  2. Remote wipes of company data after layoffs just got scarier.


Mesothelioma that’s also a botnet?


Yeah, that was my thought - the Internet of People.


Even worse, as far as I can tell—these things don’t even have firmware; they’re just electrodes activated by ultrasound. So anyone who can send an ultrasound signal at the right frequency can activate them.


Isn’t this the plot to “Implant” by Neal Stephenson? Cyberpunk in real life again…


#“SoylentWeb is PEOPLE!”


What does “-ceutical” mean again?


Well, it’s not a commercial product yet, I’m sure they will build in some kind of security. But what happens when Microsoft decides it’s time to upgrade you?


Does tin foil block ultrasound?


it is totally safe - the frequencies are super seekreet and only the good guys know them


Maybe they’re counting on it being difficult to get ultrasound into someone. I have no experience in this field, admittedly, but maybe it requires the transducer to be firmly in contact with the skin?


Oh, that’s possible, I was really just going for a dumb tinfoil hat joke.

Although I have all sorts of real questions from MRIs to the various metal / bomb detectors everyone’s expected to go through these days. It seems like a decent magnetic field could stir your brain into soup.


Obvious dystopian outcomes are obvious.

However, think about the more punkish options. Go to a dance club and the NJ is ripping out some wild sensations. Interface with an uplinked dolphin and go fishing.