Neurosurgeon has brain-computer interface installed in his own head


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Yes, I did it again.


Expected this to be Ben Carson. It might have explained some things.


who implanted the all the hardware in the skull? where was Carson last year?


It’s kinda weird, but I’m actually reading a book ®evolution about a cat trying to solve Alzheimer’s with artificial neural implants, which of course he ended up testing on himself. I thought the secret surgery bit was kinda hard to buy, and then this.

I just need a name server upgrade. Anything on the scientific frontiers for that?


A cat neurosurgeon?


Sauna parties with Jesus.


Isn’t there a line in Portal about having a tiny microchip the size of a postcard installed in your head?


Good memory:

“Now, if you’re part of Control Group Kepler-Seven, we implanted a tiny microchip about the size of a postcard into your skull. Most likely you’ve forgotten it’s even there, but if it starts vibrating and beeping during this next test, let us know, because that means it’s about to hit five hundred degrees, so we’re gonna need to go ahead and get that out of you pretty fast.”


That’s Worf, not Jesus surely?


I don’t have a ready group of ‘control’ x-ray images of electronic widgets; but is anyone else rather shocked at how…big…and crude the circuits look in that shot?

If I knew that something had to share space with my brain inside my skull, I’d really lean on minaturization; but as best I can tell given the resolution of the image, there are maybe a couple of SOICs, and a bunch of passives, on a pretty large chunk of circuit board(presumably not the usual FR4; but still).

Is the skull a more spacious domicile for the brain meat than I give it credit for? Does he really hate prototyping BGAs more than having a larger opening chiselled into his skull?

His spirit of bold self-experimentation is courageous; but it seems that he might have been able to save himself a fair bit of trauma by spending a bit more on an EE to run a few iterations before sticking it in his skull.


It can’t be Worf, he’s smiling. Maybe Gowron.


bonus pic






Big and crude? Hell, they’re all surface-mount components. Vacuum tube brain implants or GTFO


Worf grew up on Earth. Presumably the human kids wouldn’t even talk to him, because The Enemy, so it might figure the “alien” kids would sit together and most of his friends would’ve been Vulcans. Who would consider smiling to be very uncool.


Or maybe every human he ever met who saw him smile told him not to do that again …