Successful implant of 3D printed skullcap


I wonder if everyone feels as nervous as this, Poole asked himself. Is this the last moment I’ll be in control of my own mind? Still, I’ve learned to trust the technology of this age; up to now it hasn’t let me down. Of course, as the old saying goes, there’s always a first time…

-Arthur C. Clarke, 3001. Perhaps braincaps are about as close to being reality as he predicted, although, given recent security concerns, resistance to them seems more likely than he thought it would be.

That sort of defeats the purpose of a yarmulke.

I assume that the holes in the skullcap are so she can do a little DIY hacking later on e.g. LEDs hooked up to thumbtack probes to show her thought patterns.

I wonder if she is more susceptible to getting her mind read by THEM – are tinfoil beanies still effective with a plastic skull? could it lead to some weird capacitance effect?

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The surgeons should have left it uncovered, so the patient would look like Mojo Jojo!


Or Charles from The Tick!

Did anyone happen to see how many legs the neurosurgeons had?

This video shows a little more info:

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