Self helps you build credit just by building savings.

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This product is a horrible idea. You get nothing out of it other then giving a company money. The fees and interest they charge is insane. They are not loaning you any money, just collecting it and taking a bunch of it. BB should be ashamed to advertise such a horrid idea. Just get a credit card, use it just a little and pay it off every month. Same result but you don’t lose money.


That 15.9% is what you pay just to borrow the money to secure the card. If you use the card, you’ll pay an additional 24% on the card balance. This deal is for suckers. There are better ways to solve this problem: start here.


“At a certain point, virtually everyone gets tired of living a hand-to-mouth existence.”

Yes, and that point is the moment you realize you are living a hand-to-mouth existence.

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