Self portraits of pin-up photographer Bunny Yeager

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On a grammatical note here, she’s described as a “Nude photographer”. Does this mean she took her pictures with no clothes on? It isn’t clear from the context.


I’ll let you know.

Wow, she did all that and broke the sound barrier in the X-1. Formidable!


“It was a chuck job,” she would say.



WARNING! these links are probably NSFW.

Bunny Yeager took many lovely, amazing pictures of Bettie Page and other famous 1950s models nude, and she modeled in the nude herself. From the title of this book of hers, I suspect that some of the nude pinups of Bunny Yeager were her own work, done either with a timer or a shutter release cable; check out the foot action there! In that case you can read “nude photographer” either way and you’ll be correct.

However, where you say she “discovered” Bettie Page, it could be a bit misleading, as Bettie Page had posed for other photographers before she posed for Bunny Yeager.


How rare the good self-portrait in the age of the selfie. Bring back the love and craft of photography, I say.

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What is perhaps more amazing is that breaking the sound barrier was one of the least of Chuck Yeager’s accomplishments. His life story is one of the few that, if presented as fiction, would be derided as too improbable (poor farm boy becomes brigadier in the Air Force, on the way breaking speed records, identifying aircraft design faults, promoting women aviators, shooting down Nazis and marrying his childhood sweetheart.)


It is a commentary on our society that a quite harmless (non-erotic or pornographic) picture taken in an environment (on a boat) where naked people are rather common, is NSFW.

Botticelli’s Venus was OK for Renaissance Florence, was hidden away during the 19th century, and is now the pride of the Uffizi. But an awful lot of people haven’t got the memo. As a result we contrast our Western freedom for women to wear bikinis with Islamic cover-up, without stopping to think that we have just moved the bar - quite a long way, but there is still a bar. Freedom ought to imply the right to everything from complete cover up to total nudity without interference - but we are a very long way from that, and still using dress codes for social identification and control.

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…maybe we need fewer churches and more bars…


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