1000s of Colombians pose nude in public square for photographer Spencer Tunick


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Gosh, they sure are having fun down in Colombia.


Saudi Arabia next?



I participated in one of these shoots at BRC late 90’s or early 00’s. Not sure if I ever saw the final print(s) and sure didn’t get a free one.


I’m still not too impressed, except that it’s a feat of organizing - but at least it’s not PETA.


i know two people who were in the one he took in 1998 (i think?) – were you lying down, forming a snaking river of bodies? you can see the photo on his website.

i was in the second one he did at burning man just a couple years ago. it was at dawn, and it was FREEZING. he was kind of the stereotypical bossy artist, but i know he was under a huge amount of stress racing the sunrise and trying to get us all into position right at the perfect moment. immediately afterwards, i was so happy i did it, but during it, i was just freezing and wishing he would get the shot he wanted so i could go back to camp and get warm, haha.


Yawn. At least Christo’s ongoing idea offers freshness with each new incarnation. These are just tiresome.


I mean, I like that idea that he’s giving people a chance to cut loose a little, which I will grant works as part of the artwork itself. And obviously the cultural stigma we’re still locked into is backward, there should not be any shame in our bodies.

but yes, as an art object, this imagery is hackneyed territory.


Still waiting on my (promised) print after posing in a group picture back in 2009.




One of my many regrets is not participating in a Tunick shoot that took place on my birthday in NYC when I first moved here. Naked in the naked city, in my birthday suit on my birthday…


Yes, we were all laying down. It was early as well if I recall correctly. I think I had been out all night and just wanted to get back to camp but didn’t want to miss the opportunity. I will check out the old photos tonight.

Yeah, it’s really interesting being naked in a place where it is not
normally acceptable. That would have been a birthday to remember.

Nope, not me?


I never said I didn’t spend my birthday laying naked where it’s not normally acceptable. I just said Tunick wasn’t there to photograph it. And it was still a birthday to remember.


Garyfullfrontal? :scream:


yeah, he didn’t get nearly as many people at that first one as he was hoping for, i think, but the realities of organizing and pulling off such a thing back then on the playa were new to lots of people. the photo is still really great. he had such a big turnout at the one i did that he had to turn people away – not because he wanted to limit the size, but because he only had a certain amount of the filmy shroud material for each person to wear over our heads, ghost-like. i’m really glad i got the nerve to do it, and got in.


The Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg has a reproduction of one of his pieces in the Switzerland section:


Ha Ha! Nice. Good to hear.

The nuns gave me that nickname but how do you know that… :worried:


Yeah, I don’t understand people like Tunick. You’re an artist, you need to be restless. I understand that a certain amount of retreading is necessary to fully explore a concept or style but every artist reaches a point where the map is complete. At this point Tunick is on his way to becoming the Thomas Kinkade of mass nudity.


Never mind, my son.