Senate approves John Ratcliffe as top U.S. spy

True, and this wasn’t important in that Ratcliffe was going to be confirmed, but I think it was an important statement vote.

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Ugh, that means Grenell is back to being the US (but really Trump’s personal) ambassador in Germany full time. We really could have done without someone who thinks he is a colonial viceroy rather than a diplomat.


J.H.C. How many decades is it going to take to clean up this mess? We were doing kinda okay back in 2016. Why the hell did (D) have to put up another Clinton?


Well, it’s not as if we want the overbearing surveillance state to be competent, do we?


That other Clinton won. Get your voting system in order rather than complaining about candidates that were clearly electable.


It might not have changed the final outcome, but I think it was important.

Presumably, Markey (D-MA), Murray (D-WA), and Sanders (I-VT) would all vote against, making the final 49-47 which looks much closer than 49-44, even without changing the outcome. It might have forced the others to vote on the record too.

As it stands, the confirmation didn’t even get a majority of senators. Not even half and force the VP to break the tie. It’s just sad that 7% of the Senate didn’t bother to vote, and a confirmation passed with less than 50% of Senators.

Then again, perception and norms don’t seem to matter anymore, so maybe nothing matters beyond one number being bigger anymore.

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I agree. I am certain that Murkowski, and probably Alexander, kept away in order to be able to say that they didn’t vote for him if and when something batshit happens. (Ratcliffe is borderline QAnon, and a favorite of fellow conspiracy fruitbat Matt Gaetz, something is certain to happen.)

OTOH, Grennell is so truly awful that I can imagine honestly supporting the replacement in the hope that a newcomer won’t be able to do much harm in the 7 months left of Trump’s reign of error.


Liked your post for this alone. Even though it is still too mild to describe what is going on.

The US is an errorist state. The errorists have won!
Hmm - seems to work.


I guess what I was trying to say is that we don’t need a dynasty of nepotism. Bush/Kennedy/Clinton and others can go away and we’ll be left with…new leadership? If I ever see a president Ivanka or Kushner I’m out of here.

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glad i’m not the only one using that phrase to describe the US. Say it more, say it often, you know it’s right.

banana republic
A small country that is economically dependent on a single export commodity, such as bananas, and is typically governed by a dictator or the armed forces.

But our “bananas” are “consumption” or “the act of consuming” … Here in the USA, we consume news like this much like we would a banana.

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Ratcliffe isn’t the top US spy. That’s Donald Trump, working for Vladimir Putin.

Oh, you meant top person spying for the US, not the top person spying on the US. Big difference.

Error weapons of math destruction?


banana republic
Central American victims of US imperialism and corporate exploitation



and ten points to the person who can identify where I pulled this phrase from…

Well, they do exist and cause untold harm, don’t they.

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