Senate investigates Wells Fargo retaliations against whistleblowers


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Is anybody making "Warren 2020" buttons?


was that the complete article because I did a search for terms like "jail time for bank officers" and "break-up of Wells Fargo" and came up with nothing?


If she had run in lieu of Hillary we probably wouldn't be in this rancid shit hole that we are dipping into now. I'd put a Warren 2020 sticker on my vehicle if I thought that this country will be intact by then. Very doubtful about that scenario.

Watching this country burn is going to be hard.

What investigative committee is going to exist in a Trump administration? (term used extremely loosely) There will be no checks and or balances to assist Ms Warren in any of her efforts.

We are fucked people.


Like the Dude, the nation abides....


Clinton committee
Hillary committee
Email purity committee


Permanent Committee on Benghazi.


How could I forget that one???
Edit: I expect that to be a new Cabinet Position.


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