Senate IP address vandalizes Wikipedia to scrub "torture" from CIA torture report


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Well, that’s all kinds of symbolic. Especially if it’s the CIA doing it via a Senate IP address.


Fucking scrubs!

That’s in jest, but it goes to show how far some people will go to edit facts to suit their narrative.

US Senators make important decisions about the internet yet they have such fundamental misunderstandings about it that they think they can change inconvenient Wikipedia pages and not be noticed?

What a bunch of clowns. Once this old farty generation dies off, I’ll have more hope for the world.


if you remove the word “torture”, then toruture never happened!
It’s magic!


The old farts probably don’t even know Wikipedia exists. It’s probably one of the hip young staffers.

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For some value of “hip”

Young Republicans are about the scariest species of conservative in the bestiary.

Was it not Winston Churchill who said:

Note: I’m not saying I completely buy the above (poorly attributed) quote, only using as justification to be repelled by young “conservatives.”

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Australia’s shit-for-brains “environment” minister Greg ©hunt apparently knows about it, as he apparently “looked up what Wikipedia” said about increased intensity and frequency of bushfires and their link (or not, according to this fucking dolt) to climate change.

It’s farts all the way down.


At least if they were technologically savvy farts we wouldn’t have yet another soul-crushing example of US political power hiding their ineffectual terrorism.

Not so surprising when you consider what even Republicans on the House and Senate Science Committees believe about evolution and climate change.


“Clumsily Vandalizes”?


… Australia’s shit government got rid of the Minister for Science.

The world would literally be better if certain types of people simply did not exist. I know we’re supposed to endorse and support diversity of opinion, but some people are just too stupid or selfish to form an objective one.


There’s no such thing as an objective opinion. There are however well-reasoned and valid opinions.

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I’d have just said a valid opinion instead :wink:

I wonder if we’ll ever find out which Republican did it?

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Americans should demand that senators’ offices and the senator themselves each have a designated, fixed IP address. 'Muricans pay for their salary, their computers, their internet and the torture programs they’re trying to hide so why the FUCK should it be anything but transparent? That or wikipedia should just ban senate IPs from making edits.


Welcome to my 1974.


I like to take some comfort imagining their infantile pouting and table banging as they repeatedly alter the wiki only to see it change back again.