Senate passes their Tax bill


maybe that’s the point?


Here’s the full document:



What I’m trying to get across here is fucking urgent.

The Democratic party must be heavily scrutinised for its anti-democratic establishment bias, because this is more relevant than anything else going forward - the fact that they (and many here, also) figured they could get away with putting up a turd sandwich against giant douche instead of a candidate that generated unprecedented excitement (look at his funding) betrays a lack of understanding that folks are totally sick of business as usual, and they’re not gonna turn out to vote for the same old shit.

And what are the Democrats up to now? Well, there’s a lot of exciting stuff happening on a smaller scale within the party, but as far as the main game is concerned?

There needs to be as much pressure as possible to oust the neocon scum. And you’re all like, nothing to see here, folks.


Exactly what I believe, yes. Working at the local level and then the national level to fix things and push the party forward. Not for the party’s sake, but to help everyone. Focusing on what we can do right now (yes, the stuff that is fucking urgent) is important. Not regurgitating old primary stats or inventing fake projections of he-shoulda-won or whatever. Nobody cares. It isn’t helpful.

Nope. Not at all. Putting words in my mouth is also unhelpful.




“Lost focus” implies they ever had it to begin with…


The bill is through committee now, and shock of shocks, the wealthy are even better off than before.


yea and they’ll blame Obama, or ‘them dirty libtards.’ Anyone but themselves.


This is like taking the car in for repairs, and getting it back worse than before.


What’s bizarre is that we still don’t fully know what’s in this bill. The Senate version included riders that did things like redefine when a baby is conceived and eliminate ACA regulations; with no public hearings or even the ability for Senators to read the bill, we might not know until it’s passed. That seems… illegal.


From what I remember, that actually was removed…

If it’s not, it absolutely should be.


It just gets better!


With the GOP down to one vote margin, of all people, Marco Rubio (and his liberal stance on child tax credits?) may be the torpedo that sinks this ship.

When did lil’ Marco become a non-( R ) Independant?


Maybe right when Trump humiliatingly dubbed him Little Marco.


I live in a closed-primary state, and virtually nothing happens at the local level in my district in the Democratic primary (which usually happens too late to influence a presidential nomination, and has unopposed candidates in most of the local races). So I register Republican and try to pick the least crazy of the lot in the (often contested) primaries. I don’t have to vote for them in the general.


So much for that…