Senate unanimously passes ~$500 billion coronavirus relief bill to add funds for hospitals, testing, small business loans

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Coronavirus package injects $321 Billion more into SBA relief program


Well and good. However, where is federal support for lost wages for the people? A lump, one-time sum of $1200 does not cut it, despite what Republicans fantasize. People need $2000 a month for the duration of their lost income.

Let’s tax the rich and then righteously raise the taxes on them after we’ve kicked Trump the Unfit and his gang of thugs, the Republican Party, to the curb - then to the trash heap of history.



Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated.

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I saw a video, via Twitter, where a man feelingly argues that instead of a ‘moratorium’ on rent, mortgages, insurance, and car payments (which would all come due at the end of three months!), that they should just be set aside and added to the end of the payment period. He convinced me, anyway.

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Not sure if I understand you:
are you saying that instead of the now-unemployed not having to pay rent, it should just all go into a big bucket so that said unemployed have a many thousands of dollars bill to come up with at the end of the month once things return to something closer to normal?

No, I’m saying that instead of:
three months in which no payments need be made, immediately followed by a month in which all three months must be paid at once, along with that fourth month
there should be
three months that should be delayed to the end of the mortgage or whatever.

I believe I erred in putting rent in there. The speaker (who did not make this mistake, just me) was referring apparently to mortgages, car payments, and other things with a finite end. I expect this was confusing.

That is, rather than defer mortgage payments for April, May, and June to July, at which point April, May, June, and July must all be somehow paid for, these payments should instead be deferred all the way to the end of the end of the mortgage, making (for example) a mortgage that would otherwise have ended in September of 2030 end three payments later, in December of 2030.

I should not have included misleading cases where this doesn’t work. I hope this is a better description than the one I wrote while walking.

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