Send Pics: ripping, brutal, amazing novel about teens, sextortion, revenge and justice

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Over the past decade or so, Lauren McLaughin (previously) has written a handful of outstanding YA novels, each dealing with difficult issues of gender, personal autonomy and the casual cruelty of teens, starting with Cycler (and its sequel, Re-Cycler) (a teenaged girl who turned into a boy for four days every month); Scored (a class-conscious surveillance dystopia); The Free (a desperate novel about a teen car-thief in juvie) and now, her best book yet: Send Pics, a gripping thriller about sextortion, high school, revenge and justice.


Wait. Cory? On Boingboing?


He probably was commissioned to do the review before he left the site and he (and boibgboing) might still have a contractual to publish the review about the book.

But, I wonder how long it is going to take for the last post from Cory to appear.
If this was a more fantastic reality, I would guess that the last post would still be scheduled to appear after the world ends.


DeShawn Hill, his best friend, a talented modeler and roboticist who, despite his gentle demeanor and nerdy hobbies, is also a serious martial artist who steps up to defend Marcus from Tarkin and repeatedly drops the larger wrestling captain in front of all his buddies.

So I see the book isn’t going for realism and instead is a more of a wish-fulfillment fan-fic. Wrestling is a martial art, and many of the best MMA fighters have a wrestling background for a reason. Wrestlers train hard, are very strong, and they have tons of experience sparring with full resistance. Unless DeShawn is a golden glove boxer who cross-trains in grappling and has a decent takedown defense, or is a nationally ranked BJJ competitor and is near Tarkin’s weight class, he’s just going to get his head slammed into the pavement by a champion wrestler.

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