Senior prank: Students surprise head of school by sneaking into her home and crashing on the floor overnight

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“Now make me my coffee.”

That was very sweet and she clearly has a good relationship with her students. Never realized how rare (or possible) that was until the Littlest Pea began kindergarten with the greatest staff and Principal ever. So grateful for good teachers.


Well thank the cosmos they didn’t ring the door-bell or back around their drive-way lest they could’ve been shot. -sigh-


How much fun to find that mess of goofy, sweet kids sprawled all over your floor. Speaks loads about the love between them. It’s something warm for all of them to carry for the rest of their lives.


My first thought was also along those lines, dammit. This is a really nice story, but I would not try anything similar in the US.




I am aware this happened in the US. Still wouldn’t try anything similar here.


I imagine they had good reason to believe this wouldn’t be a problem, like maybe her partner was in on it, or they just know her well enough.


I think the comment “you are in the most trouble” was directed at the significant other.


I was at a boarding school and played a prank on the housemaster. During the electronics classes I built a small 9v device that would sound a buzzer when the room was dark. On his day off I placed the unit about the door behind the top lip of an emergence exit sign. Later I was getting something from my room and heard the device buzzing, so I opened his door and turned the light on.

A couple of things were unknown to me at the time. The housemaster had gone out drinking on his day off, and that there was an alarm keypad in his room which he was in charge of setting.

Later that evening he returns from his drinking session, I assume quite tipsy. Did what he needed to do and went to his room, setting the alarm and switching the light off. Of course, this triggered the device and started to buzz. Light goes on buzzer stops, he resets the alarm, and the cycle starts again. I understand that he did this for sometime before going off to find the Principle to drunkenly explain that the alarm system had somehow become entwined with the lighting circuit. they returned to the room to test what this not so sober man was talking about. Surely enough, sets alarm; light off; buzzes; light on; buzzing stops. Again, they stand baffled for a few moments before the Principle goes to the master keypad to reset the system. At this point, the housemaster spots the edge of my device above the door and the prank is over. The housemaster was laughing about it, whilst the Principle not so much.


Hah, yeah that would make the most sense. Otherwise, this might be considered a pretty significant breach of trust and/or crime.

Our high school physics teacher had pictures of famous scientists high up along the wall facing the class. I made a similar picture of big foot, put his name under it, and wrote some swarthy blurb about him. I spent the whole year looking at it with a smile on my face. Only at the end of the year did he notice, and have no idea who did it!


I still think the best senior prank ever was the three greased piglets released into the school hallways.

Not so much for the pigs, but for what was written on them: #1, #2, and #4.

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