Techy high schooler rickrolls his entire district, then helps secure its network

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But good thing they waited until near the end of their senior year, or some functionary would take petty revenge.


A Win Win if I ever saw one.


Most schools have a “zero tolerance” policy for any kind of IT hijinks. That, along with the CFAA and the DMCA could have easily resulted in jail time for a senior prank.

The amount of work they put in was admirable, but holy crow they were lucky.


Sounds like the school district needs to replace the current person in charge of IT security and replace them with this guy, who seems to care more about it than the current individual.


I wonder if this is what Alaric and the Visigoths were intending when they sacked Rome? :wink:

“Ya’ll need to work on your senators, folks! There’s a security gap here a mile wide!”


I suspect if he weren’t being subjected to the stereotypes applied to Asian-American ‘model’ minorities, but were instead subjected to the stereotypes applied to some other minority groups, (both of which, to be clear, are racist, even if they have different impacts) the school district would have been happy to press charges and perpetuate the American tradition of the school-to-prison pipeline.

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There are only so many people in the world who will work school IT for ~$30K/year while being forced to deal with often incompetent and egotistical leadership. Fortunately, it looks like school leaders here dealt with the prank appropriately and with the levelheadedness required to turn it into a positive experience.


Really surprised the FBI didn’t pay a visit.

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This. Really glad to see that this is being taken in the nature it was intended, and the local SWAT team didn’t raid this kid’s house and haul him off in handcuffs.

^^ This. I was in IT for a school district for two years and this is exactly what it was like. I got out as fast as I could.

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All synchronized without any audible delay or echo!

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