Sensor swabs to help clean your dSLR CCD


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So, how do repair shops clean CCDs? Do they really have special methods? Or does it just seem like it because they do it in a back room?


Tech at photoshop does this in a back room, without a Great Pyrenees, or a Maine Coon, over his shoulder.


Ah, not so much a “Clean Room” but a cleaner room. :slight_smile:


of course the cat would take up residence inside


Ah yes, the reason that I apply any screen protectors at work.


I cleaned cameras and lenses at a big camera rental outfit for a couple years. We tried all kinds of sensor-cleaning methods, and the model we unanimously liked best was the Dust-Aid:

A Dust-Aid plus a Giottos “rocket” air blower took care of 99% of the dirty sensors we encountered.


There are various different methods, both dry and wet.

Btw. I thought these days CCDs were the exception in general photography cameras and CMOS was all the rage.


@agro Your prediction was correct, sir.


You can’t win the battle against that level of floof.


Kai and Lok had great repartee-- a shame that they film their bits separately now.


Wait. I don’t get it. How do you clean an FX sensor with a DX swab? I thought you were only supposed to make one pass across it.


Wonder how well these would work for cleaning optical elements in a laser printer.


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