When cleaning slides, film or just my lenses, I use PecPads

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eyeglasses cleaner = 50% isopropyl alcohol and 1 drop of dish soap (really to add a strong surfactant like sodium lauryl sulfate). (50% iso is approximately: 3 parts 70% iso + 1 part water ; or 1 part 91% + 1 part water)).

wet lens, wipe with microfiber cloth (because it won’t scratch glass, and is safe for most coatings. unlike cotton).

I use the same mixture on optics when I don’t care too much about a small amount of residue, as I am cleaning it frequently anyways. To avoid residue you’re going to need to use some lab grade methanol (or Eclipse solution). Having uncontaminated disposable cloths is probably better than my dirty old microfiber rag.

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