Zeiss lens cleaning wipes, like I used to steal from work

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You and I live very different lives, sir.


I bought a few costco lense cleaning kits and have them stashed in my car, bag, bathroom, desk, and toiletry kit. I wrap the microfiber cloth around the long-lipstick sized spray bottle inside a ziploc bag. Costco gives free refills on the solution so I am set for life. Nothing to dispose of after I’m done cleaning my glasses.

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All these pleasures, and more, could be yours.


“Besides, you knew the job was dangerous when you took it.”


These are amazing. Excellent recommendation.

As to the poetry, well … don’t quit yr day job.

And now, you’ve reminded me. Those were pretty good, I wonder if I can find any here in China.

I have to ask. @jlw: exactly how did you end up with seal poop on your glasses?

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The last time I got seal poop and motor oil on my glasses, the mechanic told me I’d blown a seal…

I said, just fix the car and leave my private life out of this, OK?



Feel free to join.


Thanks @jlw! Understood. I would join in but the commute from Melbourne, Australia would be a bitch. As enticing as seal poop-smeared specs are and all…

I’d bet they have marine mammal hospitals in your former penal colony, too! Ours has 2 within 600mi of each other on the west coast

Phillip Island is only about 90 minutes away from Melbourne. No seal poop, but adorable wee penguins instead. And I’m certain they take volunteers.

From the small number of penguins at the local zoo, i am certain the stench is amazing. You do not need seal poo.

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