Give your glasses a deep clean with this ultrasonic case

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Still waiting for a supersonic cleaner.



This would be handy for those glasses with porous lenses.


Hello, all you fellow ‘four eyes’ who have coated lenses. A word from Zeiss; my bold:

Give your glasses an occasional treat: the special care offered by an ultrasonic cleaner

The use of ultrasonic cleaners is your best guarantee of thorough, convenient cleaning of your frames. But note: this cleaning method is appropriate for frames only, and should be done by your eye care professional, as they must remove your lenses from your glasses first. Please don’t use the ultrasonic cleaner you use to clean your jewelry on your glasses, but have your eye care professional handle this job.

Your eye care professional will be pleased to clean your lenses in their ultrasonic cleaner - ideally every six months. This is part of eye care professional’s standard equipment these days.


considering I am a myope and they have to get pretty bad for me to notice. every other day? three days?


In my experience, dirty lenses are most noticeable in low light.

However, I’m really nearsighted, and slightly farsighted.

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I recall many years ago my housemate describing the new ultrasonic cleaner that arrived in his lab, and all of his colleagues putting in jewelry for “testing purposes”. He thought it would be a good idea to put his glasses in, and watched sadly as the expensive anti-glare and anti-scratch coatings came right off.

I’ve also been told that any contact between the lens and the side of the tank or other objects in the tank will invariably lead to horrible scratches on the lens


I guess hacking my ultrasonic humidifier for this would be a bad idea.


I find it interesting that not a single optician (and I’ve had a few) has ever counseled me on how to safely clean my glasses. Poor training?


Counseled once… warm water, a small drop of dish detergent on a fingertip, clean with said fingertip, rinse, cheap paper towel <no softening, etc additives>


Sounds good to me!.. although I skip paper towels since they can scratch my lenses which haven’t been made scratch-resistant.

My routine involves a bathroom sink filled with warm water made soapy with DAWN liquid. I repeatedly dunk, then scrub the entire pair of eyeglasses using a microfiber cloth. Afterwards I rinse off the pair under warm running water, then dry off with clean, dry microfiber cloth. Nice and shiny!


It depends how m01st your spectacles are.


Dish detergent can be harsh. I use contact lense soap because it rinses clean but isn’t as harsh. Just a drop on my fingers with running tap water, followed by shaking excess water and a microfiber cloth.


I usually clean my glasses by giving them a good rinse with warm water, then cleaning all the grime off with just a tiny drop (more of a swipe of the bottle cap) of common washing-up liquid, then another good rinse, and then a careful drying off with a lint-free, non-scratching paper towel aka ordinary kitchen tissue. Has always worked like a charm. If you have a fully equipped kitchen to work with, that is.

Yep. I do that. Sometimes I dip my glasses in the dishwater (before there are any dishes in it) and wash them off. I know there’s a big thing about paper towels scratching the glass, but I’ve been using paper tissues to clean my glasses for thirty years now, and really, no scratches. I do use the micropore fabric as well, but, at a pinch, it’s a tissue. The worst scratches I ever had were on perspex glasses (not glass) when they regularly got set down on the lenses, no matter how hard I tried to prevent it. Spectacles are pretty lightweight… perhaps someone could weight them (slightly) so they are less likely to land on their lenses when set down. (Worst accident to happen to my glasses was when my wife sat down on them. I got red plastic frames after that…)


Same here, I kinda seem to look around the dirt on my glasses. Never connected this specifically with myopia, though.


I dated an Optometry student for awhile. I learned a few things.



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But I use my finger oil to fill in the scratches! :face_with_monocle: