Sequel to classic space trading game Elite enters testing


… looking forward to this one … which is a problem!

I was only playing Frontier: Elite 2 on my Atari Falcon last week!

I guess this means I finally need to buy a gaming PC.


A buddy of mine purchased a game way back around 1992-1994 that ran, IIRC, on my 386 w/VGA graphics. It was a space-trader game, but I only recall two particular things about it. 1) If your ship was under attack, it was possible to rotate the ship such that the enemy’s attacks would then be hitting different shields, which left you able to recharge the now-depleted shields not being hit, and 2) You could organize convoys by choosing ship captains from a list of personalities (and I recall that list being populated with headshots and all sorts of personalities, strengths, weaknesses that would then influence their seemingly independent choices while under way) to fly those other ships. I would add that I think the box the game came in was red, but that’s a hazy memory. I don’t think it was Elite, since I think Elite came out far earlier, but I haven’t the faintest idea what the game was called. Sure would like to play it again, if anyone here can pull out the name from the dustbin of game-history.

This looks fun; weirdly, I seem to have missed the whole existence of Elite until reading this post. Are there any versions of the original Elite for today’s Macs or the iPad? (Having a hard time finding editions that I’m sure are compatible with my MacBook Pro, and there are about a hundred thousand IPad apps with “Elite” in the title.)

I look forward to endlessly crashing into space stations at Lave and Diso because I can’t afford a Docking Computer.

Played Elite on my Electron, I was rubbish. Possibly because I was 7, or something.

My Amiga version was oddly screwed up. No matter what, always started with 0kg of narcotics on board that were worth millions of credits…


Thing about nowadays is, if they get this right, and the build up words have been saying they will, it’ll make me at my (optically young) age revert to me in my early teens in terms of enjoying a game.

This really does spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

The resemblance to I-War 2 bodes very well, since I-War 2 was the last truly great Elite clone.

I’d be backing Dangerous myself, except Star Citizen got there first and my space-gaming time and money budget is not unlimited.

If this turns into another monstrous ‘pay more to level up now!’ game I will throw my computer away and become a hermit.

Well, not really, but I will give up on games for a few years until the shit clears.

Oolite is a free reimplementation of the original Elite for OS X.


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