Backers get gruesomely murdered in crowdfunded Elite novel


Ah, nostalgia. I’ve been following the development of this game on RPS. Would like to have a computer setup capable of playing it.

I wonder how it will compare with the novella that other BBC classic Exile came with.

It’s an amazing honor. I was brutally killed in Gail Simone’s Leaving Megalopolis from a kickstarter campaign! I was “Guy with arrow in head!”

Elite is one of those games that really nailed a genre. Really, outside of improvements to graphics to match whatever is current, there really isn’t much to add.

I genuinely read the headline as “Bankers get gruesomely murdered…” AISMS.

I wonder if “mostly Harmless” will be mostly disappointing? I loved Elite and played it to death BITD but there is not much meat for a story.

The original Elite game came with a novella, The Dark Wheel.

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