"Kill the Overseer!", a book about slave resistance in video games

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There’s a game called “Conan Exiles” that depends on the gamer taking slaves.
I can’t play it.


I mean, Conan’s a slave from childhood, so you’re going to take at least one. You mean it has you er…drafting slaves in Conan Exile? [Googles that] Whole worlds of nope, driven by using food and slave on Wheel of Pain…and you get archers, fighters, summoner priests…lovely rendering, each and every one looks like Boris Johnson or MTG. What’s not to like?

See, you’d play the modded version where you’re not drafting from naturalism per se but naturalism with well ripened scum schools and counterthralls stuck. Maybe next century or property tax glitch…and you can unlock behaviorism that works it some percent kindlier per point? Haiti on hard mode, DRC on bad times, wcgw? Unlockable (so to speak:) Priti Patel (hopefully not Rishi Sunak, sorry, namaste,) Peter Thiel. I’m thinking it could’ve just been Priti Patel’s makeup, but that is nerfing it.

This is a succession move from zombies: The Player Character only knows slaves.{GoodReads review x1}
Sarah Juliet Lauro is assistant professor in the English department at the University of Tampa. She is coeditor of Better Off Dead: The Evolution of the Zombie as Posthuman; author of The Transatlantic Zombie: Slavery, Rebellion, and Living Death; and editor of Zombie Theory: A Reader (Minnesota, 2017).

Topical because Epic just had Fallout 3 {spoiler to the point} free? Also there are only 1.3 choices honored in conventional props to freedom; less violent ones, and French Speech presents as ~0.4 violent. OMG Florida Man, you were stamped from like, the… heh heh.
A videogame that let you just experience U. Tampa would be cheating because it doesn’t let you stand in your OG opinion of U. Tampa as a first class research university (is one of Lauro’s nice awkward questions for working truly random fresh stock, and maybe baiting a Key & Peele prestige. Okay when she does it it’s about softball ‘be me,’ queer games, that I know so far.)


It totally weirded me out how how nonchalantly the game just has you torture people into slavery. I was going to try going at the whole system solo, but ugh

More to the article - I’m sure there are valuable conversations to have about games and slavery but I’m hesitant to have them online

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like that one iteration of fable where, if you played as evil, you were supposed to drag hapless townspeople to your castle and torture them to death? :scream_cat: i felt bad for whatever qa team was asked to play their way through all that. ick.

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