Kyle Rittenhouse supporters publish game about killing his detractors en masse

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It’s obviously Kyle Rittenhouse, but doesn’t use his name. Hopefully he’s pissed off that he’s not getting a slice of that money.


Does the character in the game pretend to cry to get himself out of trouble? Does his Mom drive him around?


If they make a sequel, he can go back in time to Germany to save his idols, starting with Horst Wessel.


See also: this super-weird Alex Jones game profiled on Kotaku.


I find it interesting you can still play POSTAL via Steam, the game produced less than a year after the Edmond post office shooting.


QAnon Anonymous Episode 261: Pilled Game Developers

Brad and Liv have blown into their cartridges and booted up some truly disturbing games. This week, we’ve prepared a potluck style new year’s brunch with a handful of dishes for you to pick at as you lay in bed, wracked with guilt about already breaking your resolutions. Later in the episode you’ll hear Jake break his NDA as a quality assurance tester at bleep.

Is bleep EA or Activision?


So full disclosure I made a game with some people that is an amateurish but lovingly crafted pixel twin stick shooter.

The problem for most people working independently at a loss on games who might like to improve games they already made or games that they might like to make in the future using what they learned is that there’s so much stuff out there and so little differentiation. But what gets platformed, mentioned, named dropped ad nauseum? Nazis!

This whole article is basically an advertisement for a nazi game studio… and Disco Elysium.

Love the indie gaming reporting space :face_exhaling:


this episode is absolutely terrific!

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I am looking at the video on its Steam page and honestly if you took out the communist and antifascist flags the zombies are waving and the text framing you as this one particular idiot, nobody would bat an eye at this. It’s just another mediocre game about shooting endless hordes of enemies who seem to all walk straight towards you and have varying amounts of hit points. It’s not even as mechanically interesting as Robotron 2084, which mixed in defenseless friends who some enemies would try to destroy or turn into another kind of enemy.

And part of me is wondering why the fuck is it that we are perfectly fine with “shooting an infinite number of zombies” as an entertainment, but “shooting an infinite number of zombies tagged as being part of a certain cultural sector” is a problem. But then the part of me that spent a lot of my Christmas break playing Saint’s Row: The Reboot and shooting an infinite number of pedestrians, gangsters, and cops just looks at that part and shrugs.

And yeah I think I agree with TomPaperNapkin that I’d rather hear about a cool game that has something interesting going on, narratively and/or mechanically, than a shitty one whose sole selling point is that it’s about shooting dehumanized versions of a class of people that most of BoingBoing’s audience probably falls into.

I miss when BB still had the “A directory of wonderful things” tagline. It’s devolved into so much “ha ha look at the fucked-up right-wingers” stuff lately. Why do I keep coming here? Habit.


I used to work in games dev/publishing in Europe. One of the issues I sometimes faced was violent games (i.e. lots of them) which were illegal in Germany because they showed blood all over. The solution was to make the blood green in the German version, so the enemies could be described as zombies rather than people.

On a tangential note, the novel Constellation Games by Leonard Richardson takes some time to look at games that space aliens might play. One of the culture clashes is the contrast between Earth games based on violence as the primary mechanism, and one alien culture’s games based on theft.


The people he shot. We get it, you like violence against people YOU don’t like, because it makes you feel good to see others hurt, but, let me put things in a way you can understand…

fuck off GIF




Even if each victim of Rittenhouse’s MURDER SPREE did have a criminal record, that doesn’t give him, you or any cowardly asshole with an overpowered firearm the “right” to kill them.

We’re not supposed to call other commenters out for being terrible fucking excuses for human beings, yet I find that I am unable to refrain in this instance.


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