The 10 coolest things from E3 that weren't video game sequels


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Boy who befriends a giant dog-bird, you say?

Beyond Eyes is about Rae, a 10-year-old girl named Rae

I think this is probably a typo, but I love it.


Beyond the amazing animation of Cuphead, I’m so looking forward to a game that doesn’t have 10 little one liner phrases the character says for 10 hours of play. I just can’t handle that shit anymore.


Have we learned nothing from the excessive prerelease hype of years gone by?

Of course not.


Unfortunately, I think what we’ve learned is that it totally works and we should do it as much as possible.


Rae is a ten year old named Rae though, so Gamer Gate has nothing to go on.


That being said, I still giggle every time I think of Fry saying “No PRAHB-lem-oh” (instead of “pro-BLEM-oh”) in the Futurama game for the Playstation…


I do not believe the lack of arguable material has stopped them yet. It’s a game. With a girl in it. Sadly, more than enough for that bunch of douchebags.


But the honesty in reporting tho, that’s on lockdown in this case. And isn’t that what I’ve been told this is about?




Surprised No Man Sky made the list but Elite Dangerous didn’t.


Elite: Dangerous? The 4th in a series?


Even more damning is that several of these don’t even have gameplay in their trailers. People get excited over the weirdest things.


Ah, hadn’t realized! I hadn’t been paying attention to it long. Guess I hadn’t done my due dalliance.


I wasn’t quite sure if I could justify buying a PS4 solely for The Last Guardian, but if I get to play the Screaming For Vengeance album cover on it too? SUATMM.


Jesus, where’d these GG MRAs come from? Is ∞chan down for maintenance or something?


Everyone knows Valcor is a dog-dragon, not a dog-bird!


You are correct. My bad!


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