The 10 coolest things from E3 that weren't video game sequels

I, personally, like it when several people respond to someone who disappears. It makes it look like we’re all hearing the same crazy voice in our head at the same time. A kind of collective insanity.

It’s a good job my housemate is getting a PS4 “soon” so I can play Horizon Zero Dawn on it. I also hope No Man’s Sky becomes “real” one day and doesn’t disappoint us all terribly as I’ve been looking forward to it for quite some time now. I think ReCore is a game I don’t want to play but would enjoy watching my housemate do so and soaking up whatever story it has, except it’s on the Xbox One and we’re still shunning that apparently (I mostly play on the PC so these “console wars” mean nothing to me).

I’m kind of “yay!” about the FF7 remake for nostalgias sake, but at the same time I’m sort of “meh” too because we moved on from it a long time ago and I don’t want them to attach the story to some bland action mechanics that will drag it down “because progress”. Which isn’t to say they will or it’s a foregone conclusion, but there are a lot of fans of FF7 and they can’t possibly please them all so someone, somewhere, is going to be disappointed.

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