Sexy, sexy playing cards

The playing cards are awesome, but as @MerelyGifted said, a tangent. Since I would like to see the discussion continued, I have shuffled it over here

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lone skum could easily be described as having more money than brains. He’ll be a much less dangerous beastie once he has more brains than money; let’s hope that soon comes.

Brief tangent:
After decades spent playing w/beloved Bicycles, including some wonderful limited editions, I long to try a couple Tally Ho decks.


Well, you’ll be pleased to know that if you enjoy Bicycles, Tally-Ho is also made by the US Playing Card Company. There’s not a tremendous difference in them other than the printing, but they all have USPCC’s double-layered construction and “air cushion” finish. I believe they still say “A. Dougherty Co.” On the box, but they bought them years ago. This is one of those rare instances where one company makes all the best things on the market.

ETA: Although interestingly, there was an apparent issue with cards produced at their KY plant for a while:

“Playing cards produced in Cincinnati typically featured a blue seal, while cards in Kentucky typically feature a black seal, and to this day Cincinnati produced cards are still sought after by magicians, cardists, professional gamblers, and collectors“

I can’t tell if this is still accurate or just mythology. I wonder if the brands are divided between the two facilities?


US Games also publish gorgeous tarot decks.

The black and silver Tally Ho Viper decks are esp delicious.

Though made for tricks, I’d use 'em to play kaluki, my favorite rummy species.


Ooooh, those are sexy. Also:

Thanks! Never heard of it. Mrs Peas and I play lots of Rummy, so I’ll check this out.

ETA: I found a three-deck Tally-Ho set with all three “flavors” plus a pocket calculator! Going on Mrs Peas’ gift list.


I’d always considered playing cards to be pretty bog-standard.
At my local, we play a lot of cards, usually cribbage, and we get through a lot of packs.
Ten months ago, one of the group bought a pack of “Bullet” cards.
They are indestructible.
Not cheap, but best cards I’ve ever played with.


It lives in one of my wish lists, too! The black decks are few & far 'tween. The circle backs are pretty,

but the fan backs are my fave :smiley:

Thanks for the tip!
I’ve also heard good things about Kem, which are tough and waterproof.

They’re gorgeous

and also far from cheap.



I see what U did there!

Thanks, Sugarplum! Here are some more sexy decks:

My pal Edo hipped me to these.

Vintage GAME CARD showing CROW holding Playing Cards - 1st Ed. - 1910
Via a long-gone ebay listing

an extremely early A. DOUGHERTY Tally-Ho Joker c.1910 - obverse and reverse
Via a long ago ebay listing

Joker from the black and silver Tally-Ho Viper circle back cardists’ deck

Tally Ho Viper fan back King and Ace
Viper deck King and Ace

Tally-Ho Viper on left; Bicycle Tiger deck on right

Another trick deck - love the Bicycle fan backs, too, esp the green!

The most important point in kaluki is the runs (K Q J 10, etc) have to be suited but the books (3+ of a kind) don’t hafta be. :smiley:


I live to serve!

And I love these!


It’s a corvid, yes—but AFAIK a rook isn’t the same as a crow…

(I assume that was the ebay lister’s description, not yours)


I’d forgot all about Rook! It’s embarrassing, given how much I love all corvids.

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Perfect for a candlelit Halloween game:

Sir Charles Cameron MASONIC LODGE No 72 1930s playing cards - ebay

The ace is ace.


Oh, the memories! I sort of grew up with the fan back cards which my grandmother and her lady friends used while I hovered around being baby-sat. Later I would check out the cards… not their faces but the back and fixate on that, picking out all the tiny details and wondering why this and why that. They must have thought I was weird!


Those Poe cards are lovely!


Bicycle fan backs are also V pretty:
and were around a long time.

I vaguely remember having a couple fan back Bicycle decks. They may have been canasta decks.

I love the flowers, shamrocks, and esp the little birds in the Tally-Ho fan backs:

Int they just?! I love ‘em, too! It’s so cool when someone comes out with a truly unusual limited edition deck.

"These were made to support the tsunami relief effort and honor the elephant. Not a single elephant died in the disaster. They trumpeted a warning and fled to high ground before it struck. Scientists were amazed by the elephants’ ability to sense the coming disaster. They are not yet sure how. Original First Printing with red seal & Tsunami Relief card inside designating the purpose of the deck."

Most of these images will be much embiggened when clicked.


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