Seymour Hersh has tough words for Obama, NSA, 'pathetic' US media



That was a fantastic article, Xeni. Thank you. He is so right. There needs to be more muckraking journalism and less bootlicking. And this is from someone who voted for Obama. But the truth is the truth and not an “angle”.


I like Hersh’s solution, fire the editors. They failed the readers completely.

It would work if the people who were hired as editors weren’t promoted to that position for being in favor with the publisher to begin with. I don’t foresee any drastic changes at the NYT, for example.

Bless you xeni for being one of the few anti-hypocrite bloggers out there. This religeous/cult infatuation to party lines needs to stop with bloggers and journalists alike or a disservice is done to everyone.

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Editors and the failing newspaper industry is one component, to be sure.
Exhibit A is Jann Wenners awful, cowardly interview with Obama.

But how many journalists or editors are going to slag on the candidate that they spent so much time and effort promoting as the Nobel-Peace Prize-winning savior of the world?

The whistleblowers and journalists that don’t swallow his lies, his administration actively persecutes and spies on, and there’s plenty of cheerleaders in the media who spin this as a good thing.

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Ones with integrity who are actually doing the work of journalism. Look, I voted for Obama, and I’m not sure I could vote differently, even with the information that I have today, because I believe the push for additional wealth and advantage to the 1% would be even greater under Romney and I find it very difficult to believe that Romney would have taken office and suddenly disassembled a system that inherently benefits the ruling class. That said, I will criticize Obama. And what he has allowed and advanced under the nonsense of security is obscene. And he knows who benefits from it. I’m leaning toward the opinion, these days, that the two party system might be a big hoax in order to divert attention to smaller details and arguments so that those in power can operate behind the curtain (with the same goals), while the rest of us idiots fight amongst ourselves.


BBbbut, I won’t get the exclusive interview with person x…

I didn’t vote for Romney either, but I’m quite convinced that if he had tried to pull half the shit Obama has, the media would be on him like cyanoacrylate glue.

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You may be right. On the other hand, Bush pulled the Iraq war WMD stunt and all sectors of the media followed right behind him like baby ducklings.

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True, but after less than two years they got over their love affair with Dubya. See any signs that they are going to start putting Obama on the hot seat??

Yeah…just LOOK at all the brave journos ripping him apart for drone killings, NSA spying, Syrian sabre-rattling, IRS intimidation, etc etc.
It took an English newspaper to break the NSA story and even then, his administration tried to intimidate and jail those involved across international boundaries. He’s abusing his power at orders of magnitude worse than Nixon ever dreamed of. We won’t even mention the steady influx of adoring journos who go to work for his office after they’re done helping defend all these repeated abuses of power. He gives a little song & dance, calls it partisan hate, and the press corps just shrugs it off, cuz they’re already sure that the GOPs are all rich, white and cray-cray.

To seriously hear that all the people who parroted and beatified his campaign will suddenly wake up is incredibly naiive. Its not like all this lying and law breaking started last week. Our free press covered his campaigns and his political record with the same glazed-over adoration while they were busy lampooning Romney as the Monopoly guy. You voted for the guy that these chickenshit journalists sold you. I didn’t vote for either of these clowns, but does anyone sincerely doubt that the media would be this asleep at the wheel were it not Team Blue in office?

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It’s pretty presumptuous to consider that I have been “sold” something, and frankly, it’s insulting. You have no idea what I read and how I arrived at my conclusion.

At least Greenwald has kept the pressure on. It doesn’t say much for the others, however.



Hersh on the death of Osama bin Laden:

“Nothing’s been done about that story, it’s one big lie, not one word
of it is true,”

he says of the US Navy Seals raid in 2011.

Well it went from, “He had a gun and was ready to shoot” to “There was no gun”, so even without that quote, it seemed as though the truth was “evolving”. We’ll never know what happened. They should release the photos.

“Not one word”.

There was no Osama in compound. Staged. No body? They paraded the sad carcasses of Saddam and Qaddazi in front of the cameras, but Osama shown “respect for the dead”?

Lies, baby. Bigger than you are capable of imagining. Because? If the whole Abbatobad story is an “op”, you have to follow - by implication - that everything you read, watch or listen to is either also an implicit or complicit lie. Those parts of the “media” which are not themselves false, are completely infected by the falsehood and assumptions from the deliberately mendacious outlets.

You know almost nothing, on a first hand basis - sealed in a socio-political Plato’s Cave.

Saddam Hussein wasn’t captured by the US. I don’t believe the US has ever paraded a dead body around, officially, as a nation. Maybe some rogue soldiers have done some deviant shit, won’t deny that.

It would have been nice if he would have elaborated on either his suspicions (if that’s what it was) or insider information on bin Laden. I think we haven’t heard the truth either. I still want to see the photos, not in a morbid curiosity way, but for at least some of the truth.

Soooo, what are you saying? That there was no raid? There was a raid, but there was no Osama? There was a raid, but they didn’t kill Osama? Osama was dead the whole time?

Well, there was Lincoln, wasn’t there?

And Sacco and Vanzetti, I seem to recall?