Shadow on garage door looks like human face


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It works the other way also! Sometimes, when I see a human, I wonder if they are a combination of sun, tree, and garage.


I’m pretty sure that’s Jim Morrison


I seriously didn’t see the face at first. Then I looked out toward the corners of the image, and then the shadow looked kinda like Donald Trump.

When I was little, I saw what I could have sworn was an ugly stone monkey sculpture. It was really just an old guy, and not even a sculpture.


Ha! the title of this looks like a HuffPo headline. Or it least an Onion headline spoofing a HuffPo.


That brown thing to the right of the garage door looks like a dog scrunching up its face. Think Triumph the Dog’s brown cousin.,scale:max/triumph-53d822d54f6d3.jpg


Looks Martian to me.


We are all made of stars, so yes.


But wait… there’s no tree in that yard… (eerie music)


not me, I am a special snowflake. all the hydrogen in my body is the primordial stuff created in the big bang


yes! this is what I first thought of too.


When I was a kid, I told my mom that I kept seeing faces in the shadows of leaves and stuff like that. She told me that it was normal, but that if I started seeing monsters or other weird things, I should let her know, because said that was a sign of schizophrenia.


Glad to see the old Facebook guy has a new gig.


I kind of see jesus on a pogo stick myself…but that shadow of a human face looks like maybe the bottom of an empty medicine bottle and time for a refill.


Zoom off of the shadow, and the shadow will look like the shadow on a face. I think it looks like Donald Trump.


it’s when electrification gives up the movie of



This looks like something on the island in The Witness. I still make the ‘shbbzzzz’ noise when I find a circular spot with a line coming off from it. Scarily, sometimes other people get it.


Ironically, that was the home of the Grassy Knoll shooter.

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