Shaken: cocktail kits by mail


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You’re never lonely or alone with a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20!


I didn’t expect it to be so reasonably priced. After currency conversion it’s about 9 bucks a drink. More than you’d pay buying full bottles of the included booze (per drink not total). But if I used those same components to make you a cocktail at my bar you’d be paying at least $14, and I’d hate to see what the UK price would be.

One note though none of the pictured or listed alcohols are rare. Most of them are very well regarded, commonly available staples, some are very high quality but still commonly available, and a few are common enough stuff that can be hit or miss on sourcing if your not in a major city. And none of it seems to be crazy expensive world class blow your mind stuff. Which is kind of what you want. Quality, mixing friendly hooch at a fair price. Now tell them to open a US office.



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