I think I just had a boating accident.


I hate to say it, but that ain’t no sharkini. Sharkonepiece, maybe.


On a hot day it will be warm leatherette. (By the Normal


& I sharkted myself when I read your comment.


Never mind any particular hubbahubbaness of the swimsuit model herself, this is the most entertaining swimsuit design I’ve seen in years. I wish I had the figure to pull it off, but even though I don’t, I’ve half a mind to order one in whatever approximates my size anyway.

Just for the halibut.


would cross-dress


The scenario:
These garments become very popular in a limited geographic region.
These garments must line dry for optimal appearance.
One afternoon, a somewhat rare atmospheric disturbance coincides with laundry day…



Yearhg! Sharkini be swallerin’ up yer camel toe!


Would love to see that tan line.


Shark toe!


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