"Sexy Chest," a one-piece bathing suit


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This would definitely fuck with some peoples brain when worn by a feminine figure.

It’s horrible, but I keep smiling at the idea.


I need to see them modeled.


It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.


(And no, “because we can” doesn’t count.)

Oh well. The right to express yourself includes the right to make a fool of yourself in public.


Interesting club wear.


I don’t know. I just keep thinking of Borat.


It’s all fun and games until the woman wearing the faux furry chest turns on the true creeper at the beach.


Yeah, I mean, who would WANT to look like a man? Yuck.


I see other men wearing this where the print is an improvement.

Next they need someone built like the Rock or old school Arnold for a suit :wink:


They also make a tracksuit, which inexplicably is being modeled by some headless guy instead of a woman.

And for no reason, here is their “sloths” swimsuit.

I declare their catalog woefully incomplete because they don’t seem to have a “sexy sloth chest” swimsuit.


This amuses me greatly. Even more so that some people will go EWWWWWWW! at it.


I have one just like it!
Do NOT ask for proof.


Is it the kind that doesn’t come off no matter how hard you try?

Because that’s how mine is…


Does it come in a long sleeve SPF100 swim shirt? Asking for a friend.


The bottom needs to look like a speedo. Then the transformation will be complete.


Welcome to my home page!!! I kiss you!!!


What, no mankini?


He is headless because there can be only one!


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