These modern-day 1920s' style swimsuits are for any body


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Pretty sure they’re not for my body. I’d just go for cutoffs and a tank top if I’m beach strolling- a regular swimsuit for any more serious swimming.


You call those “modest?” Just look at all those scandalously exposed knees! What a bunch of trollops.


The 1920’s weren’t as modest as we assume- nor was more male attire considered the default for everybody.



Depending on local customs & ordinances.

In 1921, a bather in Atlantic City, New Jersey was arrested for wearing her stockings rolled below her knees and refusing to pull them up. She retaliated during her arrest by punching the officer in the eye.
A 1921 Hawaiian law was enacted that no one over 14 years of age could appear in a swimsuit unless “covered suitably by an outer garment reaching at least to the knees.”


Good for you.


That 2nd picture is clearly Long Island- maybe Oak Beach or Gilgo. Looks to far west to be Fire Island. I was a lifeguard back in the day.

Also - the new attire doesn’t have enough support for some- cups are a plus.


Thank you.


If we’re going to bring back 1920s swimming costumes, perhaps we can also bring back that much lamented Olympic sport, Plunge for Distance.


I like this idea.




Not never- just not everywhere.


All I want in a swimsuit is shorts for bottoms. I hate the stupid little wedgie-bikini bottoms that come with most women’s suits. And high-waisted bottoms solve the wrong problem; I don’t care if my stomach shows, what I want is butt coverage.

Surprisingly hard to find a women’s two-piece suit that has shorts for bottoms and isn’t black.


I like these. Except for the horizontal stripes.


Which is great if your chest fits into the support, for those of us who can’t fit them in finding something that keeps them tucked away from view is rare.


Time for a blast from da past:




I c wut u did der.




Prana has several non-bikini-style bottoms (boy shorts, skirts, granny’s-gettin’-lucky-undies-style), in non-black, and they sell tops and bottoms mix and match.