Sheet pan recipes make weird but efficient party food

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Well I mean you could also like buy a pizza


Yeah, came here to say I like to fill my sheet pans with pizza…

(Thanks to Kenji for the Spring Street pizza recipe)


Not in a million years do I believe anyone seeking “efficiency” mixed small batches of half a dozen types of dessert. That’s a terrific way to work your ass off yet not have much to show for it.


Exactly. There’s absolutely no minimization of cleaning here. If anything there’s more. There’s a ridiculous amount of advance mixing/cooking for the desserts and the paninis. The desserts would take at least 5 mixing bowls and the paninis would take at least three pans. Not worth it in my opinion when you’ll end up with a small amount of each item. Not to mention there’s no way those desserts all cook at the same rate. Some would be burned and others would be undercooked.


Still, this is so much better than the Heathers reboot.


Yep, the criticism makes sense, but I’d still do this. Probably more than once.

I like the concept, hate the execution. That said, sheet pan fajitas are a lifesaver if you’re serving more than like 2 people. Same for like the pizzas and other things where you’re maybe splitting up two similar things.

The rest of these… possibly a good idea if you’re using pre-prepped ingredients. That said, I don’t know where to get pre-made brownie batter in the same way that they sell premade cookie dough.

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