Sheriff says rape kits are irrelevant because most rape accusations are false

One would hope so. Really, one would hope that what were once exceptions were the new rule and that police engaged in evidence-based policing, but apparently that’s too much to hope for.


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And . . . I believe it’s an advocacy job more than a hope job.


That hasn’t been my experience. And remember that serial perpetrators injure multiple victims. Multiple kits may include pattern evidence relevant to the same perpetrator, e.g. dna, fibers, etc.

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Yes, yes. Absolutely. And for any rape victim, going through the rape kit process is important, even if they know their attacker. But the primary purpose of the “kit” is to collect evidence to identify an attacker, and it would be a shame to mislead anyone to think that the kit is somehow capable of distinguishing, on its own, between consensual sex and rape.

You may have experience as a prosecutor using rape kit and medical evidence to prove cases of rape even where the attacker is known, and I yield to your superior knowledge in that. But I do have experience from the other side, and I’ve seen rape kit evidence minimized because claims of consensual sex often offer the excuse of “rough sex” as the cause of any injuries that are evident at the victim’s medical exam. Most of the value of the rape kit in cases where the assailant is known, IMO, is from the woman actually going through the process and thereby going “on record” as early as possible as having been raped.

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It’s most useful to follow evidence where it leads with minimal preconceptions.

And forensic exams can sometimes independently establish a lack of consent.

For example, sufficient evidence of intoxication from the exam may settle the consent question regardless of any other evidence.

And fact-finders are not legally prohibited from reaching that conclusion.

There’s no jury instruction that the kit alone is insufficient to establish absence of consent.


I’m 99% sure that was a repeat! I’d heard it before but I did catch it on the weekend and remember the horrificness!

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as long as it is appropriate we don’t really care that much…
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A couple months ago I started a thread for more creative insults and cirse words. I should revive it.

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