Ship exhaust makes ocean lightning more common and intense in shipping lanes


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Now that was interesting. Thanks BB!


Makes sense when you think about the water vapor in the exhaust from any combustion in aggregate it will lead to additional formation of clouds which eventually due to friction with the atmosphere will build up an electrical charge and ZAP! I wonder if aircraft exhaust vapor induces a similar result but with diminished impact.


It’s the alien whale defense system.




There is evidence for them having an effect on local weather patterns.


Hmm…exhaust plumes promote lightning…Try SCE to AUX.


I remember that study after 911. Amazing what aircraft contrails are doing to this planet. There is some positive action taking place in regards to aircraft emissions including noise which I consider to be just as important.

“UK budget airline EasyJet has paired with US firm Wright Electric to develop a battery-powered aircraft fleet that can be used for its short haul flights.”

And ships too:


Shocking, isn’t it?


More evil dihydrogen monoxide pollution. When will we ban the stuff already? Kids are splashing it in people’s faces. Cruel!



Seems like Musk/Tesla has found a new market for electric cargo ships. Now with built in superchargers…

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