Watch a jet aircraft produce a deadly dihydrogen monoxide chemtrail


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Too much of that dihydrogen monoxide will kill you.


We can rebuild him…we can make him better.
/cue music.


It may turn the frogs “gay” but it sure is nice to look at


why do they do it?


You guys are crazy. That’s clearly a space churro.


DHMO, uggggh - i heard some farmers have been caught spraying it on supposedly organic crops


And industries has been using it so much for so long, fishes are now loaded with the stuff!


As I feel WasitabasitaW’s answer was far too subtle :wink:

This trail is made of water droplets ! It’s just like a cloud. It is induced by the compression of the air as the aircraft flys through it.

The harmful stuff airplanes do expell (like any motored vehicle) is invisible


Looks like it could be a scene from Flash Gordon:

About 2:10 in, but might as well watch the whole thing :slight_smile:


Okay, am I just stupid or something? Because I never would have guessed that a vapor trail had such a… “bulging” 3D structure.

It’s gorgeous, but from the ground they just look like lines to me. And in games, and on TV they look more like tiny cloud streamers coming off the wingtips.

Yeah, I guess it’s probably just me being dumb and not thinking much about it.


I looked it up and Dihydrogen Monoxide has an LD50 of just 90 ml/kg, truly terrifying!


So long as they don’t fluoridate it! #notinmybackyard


The dihydrogen monoxide jokes just keep getting funnier. Amazing.


It’s them youropeons as the big players in the conspiracy pushing dihygrogen monoxide with there metrick system my buddy told me they did some weird shit and made 1 milliliter of this weigh one gram but only at 4 degrees Celsius and they change it at different temperatures and that’s how they get you


Once addicted to DHMO, many die during the withdrawal period, crying for another hit of DHMO.


Well, it’s the same stuff they use for waterboarding, so the news isn’t all bad.


They’re just rolling coal to upset all those Prius pilots.


Nah - they just keep getting more damp squib-like.

Just thought the smug elites should learn a little about what real America has to go through at he hands of the Clinton clone regime. Soon we will MAGA these away.