Chemtrail activists want Marriott hotels to remove wall art


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This is a joke, right? Please tell me it’s a joke.


I’ve never been quite clear on whether the ‘chemtrail’ thing is an actual, vaguely widespread belief or something in the realm of Flat Earth or Hollow Moon theorizing. It’s so ridiculous and easily disproven that I can’t see anyone believing it with a straight face and working brain.


Yes it is a joke, this was posted on a Satire site… this is just shitty reporting.


I was so disappointed awhile ago when I heard Dick Gregory going on about chemtrails like a true believer and ranting how Prince was killed because he was speaking out against them or something.


The comments are amusing though…


Just open up that bedside drawer and start reading you some Book of Mormon. Inside of half an hour the chemtrails will begin to seem eminently rational by comparison.


And here I was about to ask @Zmas if he was disappointed…


It’s more believable than Flat Earth or Hollow Moon because you can actually see them. And people don’t know basic science.

But yes, it is hogwash.


Sadly that applies to a lot of things that are widely believed. According a survey result I’ve seen, about 5% of the US population (roughly the same as believe in Reptilian shape shifting overlords) believe in chemtrails. Although another 8% weren’t sure. On the other hand, about 28% of voters thought Saddam Hussein was behind 9-11, and 13% of voters think Barack Obama is the anti-Christ. So…


What satire site? is not a satire site, and I don’t see any other attribution. Is it possible you have a reason to want to discredit the brave fighters against this heinous conspiracy? Hmmm? Can you account for your whereabouts September 11, 2001?


We apologise for the fault in the comments. Those responsible have been sacked.


This is too hilarious. Living in Maui unfortunately I’m surrounded by people who believe this sort of nonsense.


I see you are part of the Lizard elite! I now know not to trust you.


A Møøse once bit my sister… No realli!


That video of “irrefutable proof” very clearly shows the vapor popping into existence like 30 feet behind the wings. That’s not what spray nozzles look like.

Oh, it’s because it’s “turning on and off”. Why would they do that instead of just reducing the flow and keep it constant? The pattern isn’t regular like you would expect, either. Air isn’t homogenous; there are localized differences in pressure and humidity.

One of the worst arguments you can make in science is “I can see it with my own eyes”. There’s plenty of cases where the intuitive explanation turned out to be very wrong. People thought salamanders were born from burning logs, because they tended to run out when you set one on fire. Problems like that are why we came up with science. I’m typing this on a miracle of science, so it seems p. legit.


I just wish they’d get rid of the art in hotels, period. Most of it sucks big time.


Having seen some examples of the former, either they truly believe it or they’re really good actors…
As for the latter, fully working brains are certainly not present.


If you think that’s bad, you should see the people who think that spraying vinegar (from a little hand-held spray bottle) in the general direction of the “chemtrail” causes it to fade out and disappear…


I dunno, man. Weird stuff has been happening lately. My mom has started seeing rainbows in her sprinkler that weren’t there before:

You can’t explain that.