Ship returns hail


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This video upset my dog.


Scared the crap out’a that little kid.


I only ever did this to trucks and scared the beejeezus out of my parents.


I can very much understand your dog… dang, that was loud!


You just know that the bridge crew was watching through the binos and pissing themselves laughing.



She expected it to say “tuut tuut” back in a cute voice.


Probably the most entertaining thing to happen on the entire voyage.


I choose to believe the ship was indeed responding to the little girl pumping her fist, and not sounding its horn for other, more legitimate signaling purposes such as navigation in a restricted waterway.


That reaction: “Oh God what have I done?!”


You say that, but I think that might actually be the case - They gave four blasts. Three blasts is going astern, five(or more) blasts is danger/get the fuck out of my way idiot or you will die, but four blasts IIRC doesn’t really have any particular meaning, and is the first in the progression(1-2-3-4-5) that doesn’t have any meaning so that you won’t confuse it for an actual navigation signal.


Good for her! When I was little I discovered that I could do this standing on an overpass and tractor trailers would honk. It was one of those magical moments as a kid.


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