Shitty Rigs: A tumblr of scary and sketchy DIY filmmaking rigs

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I love these. I confess, I once made a camera dolly out of Erector Set parts. But it was for a wind-up 8mm camera and I was twelve. And what the hell, it worked.


A tumblr of scary and sketchy DIY filmmaking rigs

You spelled awesome and resourceful wrong.


It’s a bit improvised; but unless you got yours during the particularly dark phase where dreadful plastic crap was partially replacing the metal components, Erector sets are really amply structurally competent.

Probably not a fantastic idea to build life-critical load bearing structures out of them; but if you’ve absorbed ‘structurally sound arrangements of steel beams 101’ you can get fairly serious strength out of them. Probably less good for vibration damping; but ‘wind up 8mm’ probably isn’t the camera that is going to notice.


One of the reasons you just can’t have a client come to the shoot. They want to tell their friends how cool it was at the -STUDIO- but it was shot in a garage crammed full of old stuff covered in sawdust.


Evil Dead’s Steadicam for those traveling demon-POV shots was a camera on a board carried by two guys.

They also greased up a gaffers table to slide the camera and simulate a dolly shot


The last one is a great twofer with the conduit blocking the window and routed through the window frame.

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