Watch BMXers sneak in and ride a decommissioned military structure

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Those wild teenage rebels with their prominent product placement.


It drove me nuts they didn’t think to attach rope to both end of the dingy so the could pull both ways.


exactly. or, y’know, think to bring/improvise a paddle?

I found it maddening that they expended all that effort to get over there, and each or their 10 cameras all had a mic on them, and they didn’t want to run one of them up the post to the parabola’s focus to see what they could hear. I mean, it’s a little worn, but it should still work pretty well. OK, there weren’t any planes incoming across the channel, probably nothing to hear, but nobody thought to check. May as well give it a go since you’re over there and–oh yeah–that’s the whole point of the thing being built in the first place. shinnying up a few feet of pole is a lot easier than the stunts they were doing.


Those loopy things on the side of the dinghy are called oarlocks. They are for oars. The big spoons that came in the box with the dinghy are oars.


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