Shocking discovery of Strigiformes from planet Sol III!


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Those were surprisingly unsettling!


Baby dinosaurs are pretty ugly, they get better though.

However, the smell of an owl nest in your ceiling, do not want.





Legitimately terrifying.


So, there’s a subgenre of these UFO videos which feature Real Live Aliens!

They always have super minimal movement, sometimes just blinking their eyes. But they always blink their eyes.

Because that minimal amount of movement doesn’t give away the CG too bad, and the blinking eyes sells it.


I love how it looks like aliens that are trying to look totally casual now that they’ve been caught, with their hands in their pockets, just kinds chillin’. Makes me want to shoop a cigarette into one of their mouths.


Street lights.


Baby birds in general are a class of creatures so hideously ugly that we must use them to understand how parental nurturing behavior evolved in warm blooded vertebrates.

(Full disclaimer, I think baby humans are pretty flippin’ weird lookin’ creatures)


Adult humans are pretty flippin’ weird lookin’ creatures too.


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