Shocking video of an electric eel leaping from its tank


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Why don’t they have tanks of “electric eels” powering electric cars?

[note sarcasm]


To be fair, if a giant fake alligator poked its head in your living room window, you’d freak the fuck out too.


They tried, but there were e-fish-in-sea problems.


I’m liking this against my better judgement.



Come on, I read about this years ago!

Yes, every time I got dumped my mother told me there were plenty more.


Where can I get one of them blinky alligator heads?


Easily the lowest point of the last season of Doctor Who was the proposition that European vikings gathered large barrels of electric eels which could be used to energize powerful electromagnets. We shall never be free from that ludicrous plot contrivance.


No, we will never be free of it, indeed.


Now, Now. This is obviously their natural defence against flying Alligators and not some hysterical reaction.


Come to think of it, I suppose that upcoming Monster Trucks movie constitutes a vaguely fresh approach.


While that’s an atrocious hack of a concept, our wiki overlords quote a peak figure of over 800v at about an amp, albeit for only 2 milliseconds.

That’s totally useless for any sustained application; but could actually produce a decent field strength in the very short term if fed to a suitable electromagnet.


Come away with me, Lucille
My hovercraft is full of eels.
We can go tonight and park.
I guarantee you’ll feel that spark.

Or if driving’s what appeals,
There’s no charge to use my wheels.
You can go as far as you like with me
In my merry Oldsmob-eel.


I wonder if anyone has studied the pattern of electrical activity to see if there’s anything to it. I mean, do the eels just turn on the juice hoping it works, or is there an on, off, on, off, wait half a second, on for two seconds, off a tick, onoffonoffonoffonoffoooooooooooooon! sort of thing which really does it to the electrical systems of plastic alligators and rubber arms?


Shocking video of an electric eel leaping from its tank


Great; now I’m going to see that in my Facebook feed… “You won’t believe what they’re powering electric cars with now…”


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