Shoplifting couple runs from police, scales a fence, and lands in lot of police department


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America’s funniest thieves…


Did the police slap them with the drug charges because they had to be high to think that was a good idea?


I just think I’ll lay-over here in my pretty frock


I like the bit where they realize they’ve started running in different directions, then both change directions so they’re still running in different directions. Then, I assume, the realization that one was running towards the police car caused them to both finally end up traveling in the same direction.
Yeah, I’m going to say that drugs were involved.


I find it a tad disconcerting if a secured police lot is that easy to get into.


Huh. In Grand Theft Auto this scenario usually ends by taking a police car/van and going on a rampage.



that’s the honeypot police lot, the real police lot is a lot harder to get into.


Their lawyer will claim that it was an attractive nuisance and police entrapment!


Poor choice in footwear by the woman. Strappy sandals are not good for running from the law.


That’s a very nice looking back lot; beautiful landscaping, almost zen-like! It was entrapment!


The police should invest in a ha ha:


Needs more yakkity sax.


I love how the guy almost seems like he’s trying to lose her. (I don’t have to outrun the cops, I just have to outrun you.)


Back in the day we called that a moat.


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