Woman handcuffed in back of police car steals it and leads cops in high speed chase


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this sort of thing always turns out OK on The Dukes of Hazzard


Here’s how to take a boring day with some boring shoplifting and turn it into the most epic day ever.


Ferris Beuller is spinning in his grave, or would be, if fictional characters had graves.


It looks like they used the butt end of the mag light rather then 9mm rounds to bust out the glass.


followed by 18 months of continuous boredom.


Er, no they didn’t. The busted it with what appears to be a flash light, but possibly a window punch of some type (which they were calling for).


Houdini would be jealous of Toscha Sponsler.

Dang girl! Double dang!


So bizarre. In what set of circumstances could that possibly have been considered a good choice? We are failing our young, people.


The benefits of being white.


Needs more Yakkity Sax.


Bullet holes in the door sure look like someone was shooting to kill.


Watch for the movie inspired by real events.


How did she even get to the front of the SUV? There should be a barrier.
And why was the spike strip removed after deployment? Did that cop actually not see the cop turning in front, and then had such slow reflexes as to not pull it back until after that vehicle passed?


Funny, I thought wire grilles between the front and back seats were required in cop cars for just this sort of reason, especially to keep prisoners from attacking the driver while in motion. Musta been the discount model.


That looks like she was the recipient of a PIT maneuver


Uh…yeah, SAD!
The women are going to love her though.


Those are the holes left when the door handle was ripped off.


There was. You are seeing her climb over and through a (presumably small) opening in the top of that barrier.

The front SUV is being driven by the fleeing woman, not the second one from which we’re seeing the dashcam footage.


Her lawyer will argue that she was still in the shoplifting mode when taking the car and therefore should be charged with nothing more than misdemeanor.