Woman handcuffed in back of police car steals it and leads cops in high speed chase


I have a feeling that if she wasn’t white, these Texas cops would’ve really tightened those cuffs on.


and shot at her as she drove off.

and when she reached for the shotgun in the cruiser.


Yep. That too.


They didn’t shoot through the window, they repeatedly ask for a window punch, which is positioned (likely in this case) at the end of a flashlight.

Otherwise, thanks for brightening up my day! That was hilarious!


they are accusing her of multiple first degree felonies, which in texas means a prison sentence of 5 to 99 years, Very sad.


Or that Jesus told her to do it.


They got straight Sponslered!


After stealing the car, where could she go? I’m thinking something like ditching the car around a corner and then booking it to a non-obvious hiding place, preferably somewhere people on foot wouldn’t think to look, like behind a light inside a parking garage ceiling, or a shopping mall to blend in and change clothes.


They are more entitled to the car than the store’s wares, since they paid for it.


I was wondering how the hells she got them off; from the footage, it looks like one of the cuffs is unhinged after she pulls her hands from behind her.


If she breaks out of jail after this, we’ll know for sure that she is ‘the second coming of Houdini.’


I clerked for a federal judge back in the day and the federal prosecutor was trying to get a sentence enhancement from the guidelines for resisting arrest based on the fact that the suspect had, more or less, kept running for 250 or so yards after the police tried to stop him. The judge said, more or less, “look, the way I see it every crime has to involve at least a little bit of running. I mean, this fellow was found guilty of the crime here, so I’m not going to punish him further for doing what any ordinary criminal is going to do… you know… at least a little bit.”

That said, this strikes as a bit more than “a little bit”


Just a guess, but some people can dislocate their thumbs or move their finger bones to make it much skinnier/more cylindrical, and just slip out. That and she is already a skinny Minnie, if they didn’t put them on super tight, yoink. But once you get it OUT the bracelet can swing through and come “undone” (you never played with hand cuffs? :wink: )

OR - hey - maybe she had one of these tucked in the back of her pants. As seen on BoingBoing! Though I assumed it was meant for political prisoners, not other people.



I remember reading somewhere that some manufacturers had men’s and women’s sized handcuffs, because women’s wrists and hands tend to be smaller than men’s. The smaller sized ones were also good for juvenile suspects who - like many women, could also sometimes slip their hands out of the “standard” sized handcuffs, which is what almost all LEOs normally carry - even when the cuffs are closed as tightly as they’ll go.


Probably longer depending on how many charges she racked up; resisting arrest, escaping custody, grand theft auto, etc…

That said, it takes some pretty massive stones to not only escape the back of a cop car… but also STEAL it.


Could have just used the seat belt buckle tang as a lever to pry them apart on the split side.


I can’t watch this, is maybe the only woman I’ll ever love ok!?!


Her joyride lasted 23 minutes. And it looks like she doesn’t even hit anything (on camera at least), until the perfect PIT maneuver wraps up her ride. She doesn’t even roll! Which is good because it looks like she might not have been wearing a seatbelt. From a few of her initial gestures, I wondered if she was on crystal meth.

Update: after reading a certain report from https://www.heavy.com/news/2017/09/toscha-sponsler-lufkin-texas-police-chase-handcuffs-photos-mugshot/ (apologies for pandering to such a source) I see she was upgraded “with a drug possession charge after she was found to be in possession of methamphetamine”, in addition to having a long history of drug charges, etc. I wonder if she was busted for shoplifting because she was visibly high. My bet is she will become a very popular penpal with other cons across the country.


We need more female role models like this!


Many bonus points for the excellent multi-camera editing. Better than many episodes of “COPS”, and refreshingly trimmed of those long sequences of securi-cam “what’s going on here, what am I looking at?” runtimes.

Just the highlights, thanks!