Short doc looks at Japan's 'evaporated people' and the industry that helps them run away

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I know this is a serious topic, but when watching Breaking Bad I was wondering how a successful, professional “dissapearer” would be able to advertise, drum up business through word-of-mouth, or gain anyone’s trust in the first place. If you’ve successfully helped someone disapper how would other people know that

  1. It was you that did it
  2. That they’re happily living a new life somewhere, and aren’t buried in a hole that you dug before running off with their cash.

In Japan, some who suffer from depression, addiction, or face other problems like domestic violence

Or people trapped with crippling debt

Mrs. derioderio worked at a convenience store in rural Japan for a few years, rural enough that it had a large parking lot for truckers, etc. Throughout the year there would be 2-3 people that would camp out in the parking lot for a few weeks or more, living from their car. Inevitably they were fleeing debt, usually from the predatory high interest short term loan companies like Aiful, though according to her some of them were on the run from illegal loan sharks with yakuza connections. After a while they would usually move on, not staying in one place for too long.


Just add water?


What if someone close to you just…vanished one day? That happens to tens of thousands of families a year in Japan, and it happened to Jake Adelstein, too, back in 2017 — when his accountant disappeared, just before tax day. Adelstein, the author of Tokyo Vice, and co-host Shoko Plambeck go in search of that missing accountant, and take us on a journey into the fascinating and bizarre world of Japan’s jouhatsu, or “evaporated” people.

It’s people!



When he showed off his retractable night stick I immediately thought of him as a bit of a pathetic mall cop. When he explained a couple minutes later that 90% of his work is extracting women from abusive relationships it just felt gratifying to think he might get a chance to use it every now and then.

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