Should people be allowed to video kids in public?

Very impressive. But it ought to be illegal to video a kid without parental permission.


Agreed. Maybe they did get permission before posting it?

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The family name of the poster (to YouTube) is the same as the performer’s, so maybe they were a proud parent.


OK. But lots of people around her taking video.

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Refer you to @milliefink 's response.

I’m not sure how her response applies to these people in the background:

Who knows? They very well may have asked first. Seems unlikely.



“Excuse me Sir/Madam, I was very impressed by your young performer, would it be okay to post it on my social media platform of choice?”

This is turning into a pointless diversion, you can play by yourself.

I hear the snark, but actually, that’s the correct way to do it.

I just took a photo of a stranger on the street about a week ago, because his t-shirt was pertinent to a conversation we were having here on the BBS. I approached him, told him I loved the t-shirt, and asked if I could take a photo of it to post to a discussion group. I assured him I would not include his face, and showed him the photo after I took it to confirm that he was not identifiable.

And that was regarding a full-grown adult.


As an artist, I see people on the street all the time who would make good subjects for a drawing or painting; I always politely ask before taking pix or even sketching.

And I have had people decline, on the rare occasion; no big deal.


This seems to have taken a personal turn, and I apologize for my role in that.

As to your suggestion above, yeah just like that. It doesn’t seem all that unreasonable. I get that the child is putting on a show, and drawing attention. Still, she’s a minor.


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